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Gareth Hardy

Gareth Hardy

Gareth Hardy studied at the University of the Witwatersrand obtaining his CMA, BCom and Higher Diploma in Tax Law finishing in 2006. He is registered with SAIT as Master Tax Practitioner.

Gareth’s tax career spans some 20 years. His experience is diversified and he has worked at large listed multinationals, professional services firms, was contracted to SARS and is currently in private practice.

His areas of specialisation are the Tax Administration Act and Employment Tax Incentive Act. He has studied the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) since its inception and has been an active ETI proponent. He has a detailed understanding of the ETI and has engaged with SAIT and the SARS head office regarding ETI and its processes. He is a ETI specialist and consults daily regarding ETI matters.

Since ETI was introduced in 2014, Gareth has been working with some of the biggest companies in South Africa, assisting them to claim their ETI. Due to many misconceptions and complexities in claiming, most of these top companies were typically underclaiming by between 25 – 45%. In extreme situations, clients have been underclaiming by millions of Rands.

Because of Gareth’s in-depth knowledge of ETI, his experience working with SARS and his excellent systems and follow up with SARS, he consistently helps clients claim all the ETI due to them well in excess of what they were claiming, and takes the stress off them so they can focus on their core business.

Please contact Gareth to find out how much you are underclaiming by and let him help you claim this money.

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Making a difference

The reason we help companies claim ETI is because we want to create opportunities for youth to find employment. If we can employ the youth, over 40% of whom are unemployed, we will make a significant difference in improving their lives and the state of the economy. Read more about ETI

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